educational campus Gnigl

competition, 2nd stage

Salzburg / Salzburg


The concept for a school grouped around an atrium, whose sequence of spaces is open throughout all levels, is fragmented by the context – the existing trees and the topography – and it is this fragmentation that shapes the school. This design process leads to a differentiated building form within the small-scale surrounding fabric and to an unusual significance of the building typology: it is respectful of the site’s special characteristics and shows its reverence for the baroque city of Salzburg. The three-story atrium constitutes the center of the school; all of the major functional zones dock onto it. A split-level concept follows the hill’s slope and makes possible half-story connections between the various groups of rooms, as well as a ramp system for universal accessibility.

client: SIG -  Salzburger Immobilien GmbH

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Gerda Polig, Jun Wook Song
Gül Cakar, Benjamin Grabner, Katharina Kohlroser, Emmanuel Parkmann
models: Johannes Giselbrecht

landscape planning: Atelier le balto, Veronique Faucheur and Marc Pouzol
supporting structure planning: Vasko + Partner
building services planning, building physics, fire protection planning, electricity planning:  Vasko + Partner
cost management: Vasko + Partner

ARTEC Architekten (models)