Kriehubergasse gymnasia centre

Kriehubergasse gymnasia centre cover image

competition „Village im Dritten - Gürtelbogen“, 1st prize for ARTEC Architekten

competition „Village im Dritten - Gürtelbogen“, 1st prize for ARTEC Architekten cover image

The contour of the space

Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl, ARTEC Architekten
Details, architecture seen in section. Venice 2014


Architecture is three-dimensional thought accompanied with craftsmanship. The craft of architecture is revealed in the detail.


The detail can be described as the transition from one surface condition to another. In the fine arts, painting is, for example, concerned with the surface, and the drawing with the detail – or, to be more precise, with the fault-lines between the surfaces. The articulation of the details defines the structure of the surface of a form.


A specific way of articulating the details is a prerequisite to the distinguishability of designer and building in a homogenized world.


The arbitrary applicability of the most diverse of formal conceptions, which are available everywhere and to everyone today through the possibilities of information processing, makes a new Classicism conceivable. Next to devising space, the detail, in combination with the structure, continues to be a means to authentic architecture.