Maria Lassnig Foundation

Vienna 15


The spaces artist Maria Lassnig once used as an ate­lier are to be converted: the Maria Lassnig Foundation will use them as a depot, and as processing and exhibition spaces. The entire extent of the L-shaped studio build-ing, an early example of a reinforced-concrete structure, is being shaped into a readily adaptable enfilade of exhibition and event spaces that will, at the same time, serve as storage space for the paintings. The combination of exhibition walls, repositionable along the two windowed walls containing built-in stowable furniture, and storage boxes for the paintings – which can be arranged freely in the space – makes possible a variety of spatial configurations.

Maria Lassnig Privatstiftung

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
project management: Gerda Polig
Irene Carlés Gaspar, Diana Zimmermann
3D: Junjun Dai
models: Gustavo Alvares, Angelika Zoderer, Antonia Reichart

Lukas Schaller

BigSEE Interior Design Award 2021