Kreuz pharmacy

Peuerbach / Upper Austria


The remodelling is an attempt to superimpose autonomous fittings into a building – stripped of all but its structural elements – dating to the 1980s:
An orthogonal framework articulated in three dimensions by a single space-defining material, well-suited to use as floor, wall and ceiling as well as for the furnishings, whose appearance and resistance to wear and tear are in keeping with the contents.

The marble cladding (from Untersberg, which the pharmacists sees on the horizon from their home) is 30 cm wide and 120 cm long, was chosen as the ideal material to fulfill these requirements.

Color and color distribution of the stone cladding – alternating from yellowish to grey to the dominant pink, a pleasant flesh tone – are of great consequence for the overall impression.
The substructure und moveable parts are made of MDF sheets.
The cladding is attached to the wall and ceiling with simple screws (facilitates disassembly).

The stratification of the material gives rhythm to the entire interior:
The only variable in the 30 cm stratification are the omissions between a front and a back layer, creating display niches, islands of goods in the apparently flush inner shell of the space.

Dr. Friedrich Juffmann

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and RIchard Manahl
Maria Kirchweger

Paul Ott

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carpentry: Manigatterer, Peuerbach

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