The unknown Loos: Walter

Vienna 7


The old hall in the Azw is a generously sized, elongated space with an exposed brick structure. Along each of the long side walls two layers of exhibition walls with floors of the same material were placed in the space. The new exhibition areas are three-dimensional in design and at places also incorporate horizontal display cases. A tour can be made through these layers, in the open, sculpturally shaped space at the middle of the hall there is space to take a shortcut or a break. A relationship is established between the rough tactile quality of the brick walls and wall constructions with their equally simple but finely articulated impression of oiled poplar panels for the wall surfaces and untreated sheet steel lining of the display cases.

exhibition at AzW, Museumsquartier

AzW - Architekturzentrum Wien

curator: Sonja Pisarik
with the co-operation of Ute Waditschatka (exhibition and publication)
graphic design:  Gabriele Lenz (exhibition and publication)
exhibition design: ARTEC Architekten

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Helmut Lackner, Burkhard Schelischansky

Pez Hejduk

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Architekturzentrum Wien (editior), Friedrich Achleitner, Oliver Kühschelm, Sonja Pisarik."Der unbekannte Loos: Walter" , Verlag Holzhausen

ARTEC Architekten. Catalogue fort the internet project of, Alena Hanzlova (editor), Prague, 2006