pharmacy “Zum Löwen von Aspern”

Vienna 22


The pharmacy in Aspern’s centuries-old core is orga­nized as a house with a public path traversing the site from front to back. The space is conceived of as a trans­parent sequence that can be negotiated during opening hours and as a result becomes a constituent part of suburban life. In addition to this passage, a display garden was laid out on the roof, and seminar rooms accessible independent of the pharmacy were built. The latter are also used for public events. The superimposition of these different functions gives rise to the type of social informedness that we place value on when we develop projects.

The site is in Aspern’s centuries-old core and borders two streets. Extending across the space like a flying carpet is a long-span reinforced concrete ceiling. Its ends curl up in a gesture to the adjoining streets. Inside the building, the walls and ceilings are made of cast-in-place concrete, while the ends were executed as prefabricated units. Courtyards structure the building massing. A large courtyard surrounding a chestnut tree faces a street; a small atrium with a newly planted gingko tree brings light into the pharmacy’s main space. The salesroom is structured by ribbons of light that are flush with the concrete ceiling. Where they extend into the space, they metamorphose into shelves. A display garden with medicinal herbs and a roof terrace – open to both employees and visitors – round out the spatial offerings.

Dr. Wilhelm Schlagintweit KG / PHOENIX Arzneiwaren GmbH

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Ronald Mikolics, Irene Prieler
visuals: Ivan Zdenkovic, Wolfgang Beyer
models: Julia Beer

Architecture Prize of the Austrian Concrete and Cement Industry, 2005
Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2005
Clients' Award of the ZV to Wilhelm Schlagintweit, 2004

Margherita Spiluttini
Sylvia Schalgintweit (roof garden)

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general planning:
ARTEC Architekten and Ingenieurbüro Oskar Graf

green area planning: DI Jakob Fina
structural enginnering, building physics: Ingenieurbüro Oskar Graf
building services: Ingenieurbüro Christian Koppensteiner

start of planning: 2002
start of construction: 2003
completion: 2003

plot area: 643 m²
built-up area: 446 m²
gross floor area:  581 m²
effective floor area: 487 m²
enclosed space: 2.500 m³

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