Building by Concepts

Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl, ARTEC Architekten
House of ORIS, Zagreb, 2016


As fundamental conception, the notion of space as a particular and distinctive quality is an aspiration that, especially since the baroque era, has enriched architecture.


In the present situation in which strict economic limits are imposed on architecture, the integration of spatial reserves that go beyond the specified program can make it possible to codify this approach. At the same time, on account of these additional spatial reserves, the buildings will be able to react to unknown future requirements.


This spatial conception, coupled with the conviction that buildings should offer the public more than just private functions, is developed anew in response to the respective context.


Building structures, in the sense of abstractly developed concepts, constitute the grammar of the work; the physical context determines its application and transformation. Ideas for concepts can come from any and everywhere.